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What to do in Nepal?


The woman power of Vietnam.


It is a magical place Myanmar.

Here is India. Everything is possible.


Footprints of the Khmer Empire, Combodia.


I miss your everything Morocco.


Who said Bangladesh isn't popular destination?

Life in days with Mekong River Laos.


My solo trip has started from Thai. I guess you too?


He said don’t say good bye. I won't. Sri Lanka.


Hey you are huge in many ways Australia!


I’m glad that finally seeing you big brother China.


Hawaii, why not.


You are so inspiring Europe.


Sweetest Taiwan.


Okinawa, you really no need photo effecter.
Onomichi nostalgia.

My Panning shots and settings.


I wouldn't have even imagine the life without you.


I miss your craziess sometimes no, no, yeah a lot.

Yum Yum places.

Never get bored of it.

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